Recent Publications

(2018). The Signal Code: Ethical Obligations for Humanitarian Information Activities. Signal Standards + Ethics Series 03.

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(2018). Ecosystem or Echo-System? Exploring Content Sharing across Alternative Media Domains. In: 12th International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media (ICWSM-18).

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(2017). A rights-based approach to information in humanitarian assistance. PLoS Currents Disasters.

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(2017). The Signal Code: A Human Rights Approach to Information during Crisis. Signal Standards + Ethics Series 02.

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(2018). Daniel Scarnecchia: Privacy as a human right. Harvard Chan: This Week in Health.

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(2017). Humanitarian data breaches: the real scandal is our collective inaction. In: IRIN.

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Standards and Ethics

Leading the development of technical standards and professional ethics for the responsible use of technology to assist disaster-affected populations.